76: Budgeting for Brexit

 Paul Osbourne and Robert Meakin take a look at the Budget, including the promise of help for first time buyers, and the awful state of the economy. The deficit may never be paid off, but one guest tells us that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Plus what Europe really thinks of our Brexit negotiators, and how Labour’s former leader in Scotland is going to squeeze a little bit of politics into I’m a Celebrity.

75: The Zombie Government

Another week, another resignation from Theresa May’s chaotic government. We explore how Priti Patel made so many catastrophic decisions, and ask how much longer this can go on. Plus, how should harassment claims be investigated after Carl Sargeant’s death, and Rupert Murdoch’s obvious bluff as he tries to take over the whole of Sky TV. 

73: Deal or No Deal

No deal is a bad deal. Or a good deal. Or something. With the Cabinet split on Brexit, how are we to know? We pick through another "really successful" week in negotiations, as well as looking at the row over Universal Credit, the MPs boundary changes that won't happen, plus we pause for a little mindfulness. You can find us at partygamespodcast.com or at twitter.com/partygamespod and facebook.com/partygamespod

72: It's not the cough that carries you off...

Theresa May's never-ending nightmare culminates in a parade of miseries at her party conference. Is the Prime Minister really about to be pushed out because she got a cold? We ask whether Boris Johnson is copying the Duke of Edinburgh or Donald Trump as burns every bridge he sees. Meanwhile, was everything really as rosy in Brighton as Labour's supporters think it was? And who on earth is the new leader of UKIP?