Talking about Donald Trump's first 100 days, his daughter's trip to Europe, and the French elections...

The Tory manifesto targets pain at the party's most loyal voters -- because they're that confident of victory..

UKIP's poll slump could hand dozens of Labour seats to the Conservatives in June's General Election. READ MORE ON THE BLOG PAGE

Why is this campaign already so repetitive?

Labour's prospects are not looking good...

A news bulletin for BBC Radio 3

Election night 2015 on BBC London 94.9:

Presenting Classic FM's news programme, Classic Newsnight:

5 live's Morning Reports programme:

A late night call-in on BBC London 94.9:

Covering the 2010 General Election for BBC London 94.9

Part of a documentary I made for BFBS:

Interviewing the Pet Shop Boys for Classic FM: