With twenty years experience as a broadcaster and journalist, I've worked for some of the UK's biggest radio stations.

At the BBC, I've written and read news bulletins for national networks, and provided hours of analysis of political events, from budgets to General Elections. I've also appeared on TV around the world, commenting on UK politics.

As a news editor at ITN, I oversaw a team delivering news to hundreds of stations and millions of listeners, and at Classic FM was the main voice of news on Europe's biggest commercial station for almost a decade.

At the forces' station, BFBS, I edited the weekly defence and foreign affairs analysis programme Sitrep, which won a silver at the Sony Radio Academy awards. 

I've also made programmes for BFBS on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and the problems facing people leaving the armed forces.

I present news programmes for Monocle 24, the global internet radio station run by Monocle magazine, and am sometimes still to be heard reading the news for the BBC and BFBS.

You can watch a few of my TV appearances here, or listen to some of my radio work here.